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I'm a recent graduate in Computer Science from the University of Toronto with a passion for combining computer science with visual arts! Whether it's speedily finishing a demo at a hackathon, meticulously debugging in Unity or throwing something on the pottery wheel, I love building things!

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Contact Information and Resume:




  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Computer Graphics
  • Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Numerical Methods
  • Algorithm Design, Analysis and Complexity
  • Operating Systems
  • Introduction to Databases
  • Multivariable Calculus

  • H.B.Sc Computer Science

    University of Toronto

    September 2015 - June 2020

    • Specialist in Computer Science
    • Graduated with High Distinction
    • Dean’s List (2016, 2017), President’s Entrance Scholarship (2015), Friends of Victoria University Library Scholarship (2016), Canada Chinese Computer Association Scholarship (2016)
    • President and co-founder of Computer Graphics club (2016-2020)
    • Vice President of Computer Science Student Union (2017-2018)
    • Treasurer of the Toronto ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter (2018-2020) and Team leader at the 2019 & 2020 SIGGRAPH conferences


  • c

    Back End Development

    Check out my Java and Python projects on github.com/Cheryl-Lao! I also have some experience with C, C++, and C# development in Unity.

  • J

    Front End Development

    I have basic experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as UI design and creating graphics in Photoshop. I've worked with Qt in an industry setting as well.

  • M


    I've worked cohesively with others in team sizes ranging from a few people on coding projects to volunteer teams of ~500 people at the SIGGRAPH conferences.

  • d

    Graphic Design

    I have years of experience creating advertisements, print designs and more for various school clubs and companies.

  • W


    I took 3 years of ceramics classes in high school and I still love working with clay in my spare time!

  • g

    Arts Education Programming

    I designed the first YMCA of Greater Toronto Pottery camp curriculum and I also held several art-related workshops as president of Art Club in high school. I've been Family Day intern at the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art for 3 years and Visitor Services Chair in 2017.


A few of my programming projects. Please refer to GitHub for the source code and more projects.

  • VR Design Spaces

    Research Project - Design Space Exploration in Virtual Reality

    Unity3D, C#

    • Supervisor: Daniel Wigdor
    • Designing and developping a research prototype that supports design space exploration in virtual reality.
    • The research paper is in the works!

  • Idyllic Island

    Research Project - Educational Video Game Design

    Unity2D, C#

    • Supervisors: Steve Engels and Daniel Zingaro
    • Read our report here!
    • Designed and implemented an educational videogame that was tested by students and faculty throughout the development process to determine the most effective educational features in videogames
    • Applied modified agile development methodologies to deliver an improved game for beta testing regularly
    • Developed an algorithm to approximate animal population levels that accounted for predation and food scarcity within the game

  • SiteScrubber

    Chrome Extension


    • Winner of Organizer's Choice (3rd) and Best Hack Against Harassmant at The Lady Hacks 2016
    • A Chrome extension that finds offensive words on web pages and seamlessly replaces them with less offensive equivalents
    • I worked on the word recognition and replacement functions on the back end (JavaScript)
    • Now available on the Chrome Web Store as SiteScrubber

  • PhotoRenamer

    Java Application


    • Stores a user’s previously used tags to easily tag and rename photos in a file system
    • Tested with JUnit, used Java serialization to permanently store tags and logging to keep track of changes

  • PuzzleSolverAI

    Python Program


    • Collaborated with team members to create a python program that solves various common puzzles such as Sudoku
    • Used binary search trees, depth first search and breadth first search to find solutions to puzzles

  • cheryllao.me


    HTML, CSS, JavaScript

    • No link needed, it's the website you're on right now!
    • Based off of Bodo by Muhamad Reza

  • utcg.club


    HTML, CSS, JavaScript

    • University of Toronto Computer Graphics Club website


My most recent internships and volunteer positions. Please refer to LinkedIn for a more detailed list.

  • Software Developer Intern (Maya Rendering team)


    May 2019 - August 2019

    • Worked with designers to understand user workflows
    • Developed features for Autodesk Maya’s Render Setup using Python and Qt
    • Collaborated with designers to design and implement a grouping feature that allows users to organize and manipulate multiple object overrides simultaneously
    • Created a feature that summarizes information from the Maya node dependency graph

  • Software Developer Intern


    May 2018 - May 2019

    • Worked in the Device Enablement and Configuration team as well as the Power Modelling team
    • Designed and developed Intel's PSG software department's centralized database to manage supporting device attributes in their respective software releases
    • Maintained dashboards to track project developments
    • Collaborated with satellite teams
    • Worked on Intel PSG's Early Power Estimator tool

  • Student Volunteer Team Leader

    ACM SIGGRAPH Conference


    • Coordinated with other team leaders to select, onboard, and delegate tasks to over 400 student volunteers
    • Provided on-site support for a conference with over 16,000 attendees

  • President

    U of T Computer Graphics Club

    2016 - Present

    • Started the club with a focus on computer graphics from the computer science perspective as well as the artistic perspective
    • Designed and delivered a workshop on Graphics Programming in Processing
    • Designed and delivered tutorials on the Microsoft Computer Vision API
    • Coordinated tech talks and a graphics lab tour with professors and grad students in the department
    • Worked with Vice Presidents to manage administrative duties including email list, social media and the utcg.club website

  • Software Designer-Coop


    May 2017 - August 2017

    • Worked with python, bash and the Robot Framework for test automation in the QA Research and Development group
    • Mentored summer students in product installation and python and bash scripting
    • Worked in Linux (Red Hat) environment
    • Wrote well-documented and formatted code to facillitate handoff and re-use

  • Vice President

    U of T Computer Science Student Union

    April 2017-April 2018

    • Helped to organize Computer Science Frosh for over 350 first years and leaders
    • Coordinateed communications between computer science-related clubs and the student union
    • Worked as a liaison between the department and the student
    • Organized a semi-formal dinner for staff and students with over 100 attendees
    • cssu.ca

  • Webmaster and Art Director

    UTFOLD (U of T Origami Club)

    September 2015 - April 2017

    • Cooperated with other members of the executive team to design and create polished multi-platform advertisements in a timely manner
    • Redesigned and maintained utfold.com using Wordpress and HTML

  • Visitor Services Chair

    Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art

    January 2017 - January 2018

    • Managed monthly schedules for about 50 volunteers over 3 different committees
    • Integrated a new subcommittee into the GVC by migrating existing scheduling procedures onto our website and introducing new volunteers to features on our website
    • Was responsible for attending regular executive meetings and writing reports on actions within the committees I oversaw

  • Pottery Counsellor

    YMCA of Greater Toronto

    July 2016 - August 2016

    • Designed the first Pottery Camp curriculum for YMCA of Greater Toronto summer camps
    • Resolved the uncertainties of a new program through effective communication with coworkers and clay technicians
    • Delivered engaging ceramics instruction to campers age 6-12

  • Family Day Intern

    Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art

    July 2014 - Present

    • Provided ceramics and general visual arts-based instruction to museum visitors on a drop-in basis
    • Multitasked in fast-paced situations
    • Responsible for setup and cleanup of materials

Ceramics/Design Work

Here are just a few of the various graphic design/ceramics pieces that I've done recently! Click HERE for more!

Mini Blog

Not to be confused with my blog with tutorials and longer pieces: medium.com/take-a-bite-of-bits-and-bytes



First Day at Autodesk

Today I started my summer internship at Autodesk! Maya was one of the reasons I studied computer science so it's truly a dream-come-true to be able to work on it.



Last Day at Intel

Today was the last day of my internship at Intel. I've learned a tremendous amount and I'll miss everyone at the office!



Team leader for SIGGRAPH 2019

I just learned that I'll have the honour of being a team leader at the 2019 SIGGRAPH conference in LA! #ProudToBeSV




I just got back from being a student volunteer at SIGGRAPH 2018 and it was an unforgettable experience! Can't wait to go back next year!



First Day at Intel

Today was the first day of my PEY (Professional Experience Year) internship at Intel!



CSSU Semi-formal

The CSSU semi-formal has gone from a crazy plan to a reality. This was the biggest event that the student union has held in about a decade and it was truly amazing to host



UTCG Microsoft Computer Vision API Workshop

I had the pleasure of teaching a workshop on the Microsoft Computer Vision API today! A great way to combine my work as a Microsoft Student partner along with the COmputer Graphics Club




The Toronto SIGGRAPH chapter collaborated with the graphics club to host a SIGGRAPH info session. Hope to see everyone in Vancouver this summer!



U of T Hacks

My team and I made a Google Home app that gives movie recommendations based off of genre, mood and other search criteria.



UTCG Research Talk: Alec Jacobson

Professor Alec Jacobson gave a very informative talk on his paper: Generalized Matryoshka!



UTCG Microsoft Hololens event

Big thanks to Sage Franch and Sabrina Smai for coming in to show the computer graphics club what the Hololens can do!



Last Day at Nokia

4 months have flown by so quickly! I've learned a tremendous amount from my mentors at Nokia and was even fortunate enough to be able to train a few newer interns along the way. It's been an unforgettable summer!



Software Design Intern at Nokia

Today marks my first day as a software design intern at Nokia Ottawa! Looking forward to learning about the cool things happening at Nokia and exploring Ottawa during Canada 150!



UTCG Research Talk by David Levin

Today we had the pleasure of hosting Professor David Leving who talked about his work on "Design and Fabrication by Example"



Computer Science Student Union Election Results

I can't wait to organize events and work with the awesome people in the computer science community as VP of the CSSU 2017-2018!



Gardiner Volunteer Committee Exec Meeting #1

Today I went to my first GVC executive meeting. I'm going to be Visitor Services Chair starting in January so it was great meeting everyone! We had a luncheon in the Gardiner Bistro and I had a nice time despite the looming fear of the exam that I had to take in the evening.



UTCG Dynamic Graphics Project Lab Tour

Today we went on a tour of the Dynamic Graphics Project Lab at the University of Toronto to listen to a talk by Professor Alec Jacobson. Rorik Henriksona and Rahul Arora were also nice enough to let us try the Storeoboard and Google Tiltbrush!



The Lady Hacks

Today our team's swearword-removing chrome extension won 3rd place (Organizer's choice) and Best Hack Against Harassment at the Lady Hacks! Our chrome extension, SiteScrubber, is now available for download on the Chrome web store.



UTCG First Meeting

Today we had the first meeting of the University of Toronto Computer Graphics Club! I taught an introduction to Processing and got to meet new graphics-loving people!